Can Remote Online Notaries (RON) Help With Apostille Certification?

Kelli Potter

Apostille certification is a document verification process that validates the authenticity of legal documents for international use. It is issued by the country where the document was originally issued and confirms that the document is valid and recognized by foreign governments. Apostille certification is commonly required for business transactions, education or work visas, foreign property purchase, and international adoptions.

For documents originating from a U.S. state, such as vital records (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.), you’ll need an apostille from the Secretary of State of that state. This might include offices like the Secretary of the State in Texas, Maine, California, and others.

On the other hand, any document issued by a federal agency, or certified by a U.S. or foreign consul, will require an apostille from the U.S. Department of State.

We partner with U.S. online notaries participating in the Electronic Apostille (E-Ap) Pilot Program. Documents we can help E-Apostille include the FBI Background Check (contains an FBI seal watermark and a division official’s signature, diploma or transcript copy certifications, passport certification, driver license certification, bank statement certification, power of attorney document, operating agreements. 

At this time, remote online notaries cannot help facilitate E-Apostille for vital record documents such as birth, death or marriage certificates. The only exception to this is the State of Montana can E-Apostille a marriage certificate.

Notarized vital records are ordered from the county that holds the record. If your county requires the application for a vital record notarized, a remote online notary can help with this.

Atlas Notary reviews the request and documents prior to notarization to ensure signers our service will fulfill the signers notarization needs. For more information and to schedule a signing, please visit or email

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