How Secure Is My RON Signing?

Kelli Potter

Signers are sometimes wary of inputting personal information to remote online notarization platforms. Uploading a passport or typing a social security number requires signers trust the safety and security of the vendor. Although remote online notarization (RON) is still nascent, there are several well developed mechanisms that keep signers personal information safe and secure.

Firstly, notaries are obliged to follow specific state rules when it comes to handling and storing your information. Remote online notarization platforms must follow state laws as well. For example, most platforms only give the notary access to the signers identification during the signing. Once the signing has been completed, the ID is deleted from the platform.

To identify signers for a RON, certain security elements need to be present in the credential analysis process. Each state has legal criteria for accepted identification verification and technology allowed for a legal RON signing that is approved by that state’s Secretary of State. For instance, in Oregon, the credential analysis must comply with state standards outlined in their bylaws. There are both identification requirements and technology platform requirements for a signing to be legal under Oregon law.

Moreover, remote online notarization technology providers are also subject to state and federal data privacy laws. They must adhere to security standards that protect your data from threats like unauthorized access, data breaches, etc.

Nonetheless, a limitation to mention is that specific information related to notarizations could be considered public in some states, according to notarial record requirements. Remote online notarization journals are treated similarly to physical journals and could be subpoenaed in a court of law.

Given these points, while a high level of security is maintained in RON, there is still a need to use a trusted technology platform and follow all necessary steps to ensure your information remains as secure as possible. Atlas Notary provides vetted and credentialed remote online notaries who utilize state-approved webcam technologies to conduct signings. Signers never have to worry about the legality of their signing or the security of their personal information. For more information and to schedule a signing, please visit or email

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