The Versatility of Remote Online Notaries: Revolutionizing Document Diversity

Kelli Potter

Remote online notaries (RON) have revolutionized the way documents are notarized by offering a convenient and efficient solution. Whether you’re a busy professional, an individual residing in a remote location, or simply seeking a more streamlined process, remote online notaries can help you navigate the notarization requirements for a wide range of documents.

Types of Documents Remote Online Notaries Can Help With:

1. Legal Documents – Remote online notaries are ideal for notarizing various legal documents. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Power of attorney: Grant someone the authority to act on your behalf in legal matters.
  • Affidavits: Sworn statements used as evidence in courts.
  • Contracts and agreements: Ensure the validity and enforceability of your legal agreements.
  • Wills and trusts: Ensure the proper execution of your estate planning documents.

2. Real Estate Documents – Remote online notaries are a convenient option for notarizing real estate documents, saving you time and effort. These may include:

  • Deeds: Transfer ownership of real property.
  • Mortgages: Notarize loan agreements secured by real estate.
  • Lease agreements: Authenticate rental contracts.

3. Financial Documents – RON can assist with notarizing various financial documents, such as:

  • Loan documents: Verify loan agreements, promissory notes, and mortgages.
  • Financial affidavits: Sworn statements related to personal finances.
  • Investment agreements: Validate investment contracts and agreements.

4. Healthcare Documents – RON can play a crucial role in notarizing healthcare-related documents, offering convenience in times when immediate access is challenging, including:

  • Medical power of attorney: Designate an individual to make medical decisions on your behalf.
  • Authorization forms: Grant consent for medical procedures, release of medical records, etc.
  • Living wills: Document end-of-life preferences and medical treatment desires.

5. Educational and Government Documents – Remote online notaries make notarization of educational and government documents easier. These can include:

  • Transcripts and diplomas: Authenticate academic records.
  • Immigration forms: Notarize various immigration-related documents.
  • Passport applications: Validate identity and consent forms for passport processing.
  • Government contracts: Verify agreements between government entities and individuals or businesses.

When moving to a new country, many times foreign governments use the word “notarize” when asking for a certified copy of a vital record. A vital record is a birth, marriage, divorce or death certificate. Certified copies of vital records can only be obtained through the agency that issued the document. This is not something a RON notary can help with.

There is also the question of whether the agency requesting you get a document notarized will accept a digitally notarized document. In general, it is uncommon for an agency to not accept a remote online notarization since RON is legal in most states. The RON notary is legally authorized to conduct the signing and states have laws that accept notarizations performed in other states. Atlas Notary RON notaries are vetted and background-checked legal RON notaries. You will never have to worry about the integrity of your notary or RON signing by choosing Atlas Notary for your notary needs.

We further recommend signers check with the agency requesting the notarization and alert them of their plan to obtain an online notarization.

By working with Atlas Notary, we always work to ensure sure clients are receiving the best care possible. We know how to ask the right questions to qualify signers and match them with the platform best suited to complete the signing.


Remote Online Notaries offer a convenient and reliable alternative to traditional notarization methods. From legal documents to financial agreements, real estate transactions to healthcare directives, and even educational or government-related paperwork, RONs can assist with a wide range of document types. Embracing this digital solution saves time, eliminates geographical barriers, and brings convenience to individuals and organizations requiring notarization services. When in doubt about whether a document can be notarized remotely, consult with a reputable remote online notary service provider who can guide you through the process and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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